Southern Gambia (1 day)

Reptile farm, Paradise Beach in Sanyang and the fish market of Tanji

Reptile farm in Kartong:

Before noon you will visit the reptile farm in Kartong. Crocodiles, turtles/tortoises and goannas are being kept here. For the very courageous ones there are pythons that can be wrapped around your necks!

Reptile farm in Kartong – Dawda with a rock python

Paradise beach in Sanyang

Next, you will be spending a couple hours at the paradise beach in Sanyang that really lives up to its name!

Sanyang – Paradise beach

Tanji fish market

In the afternoon, you will be visiting the fish market in Tanji and observe how hundreds of fishermen bring their catches to the shores where hundreds of customers are welcoming them. The fishermen`s boats are picturesque, there are fish-smoke houses, merchants are bargaining loudly … all your senses are claimed!

Tanji – fishing + fish market