On Safari (1 day)

Fathala Park in Senegal

Early in the morning, you will start going towards Senegal. You will cross the Gambia River with the ferry and get into a jeep on the other side. You will be driven to Fathala Park in Senegal where you will have the opportunity to see zebras, giraffes, antelopes, springboks and rhinos. If you want, you can also take a “lion`s walk”- a stroll with trained lions.

In the afternoon, Dawda will bring you back to Banjul.

By the way: Not only is the Safari-Park very interesting, but also the crossing of the Gambia-River and the two vivid havens are a great experience.

Fathala Park
Fathala Park – zebras + rhino + warthogs

Auf Safari
Fathala Park – giraffes very close