Casamance – 3 Days in Southern Senegal (1 day)

Casamance is located in southern Senegal and fascinates with its nature. A green piece of Africa: ocean, rivers, mangroves, palm groves, rice fields, forests and savannah come together here.

Casamance also has a lot to offer culturally: On the beautiful island of Carabane, you can learn about colonialism. In Oussouye, you are welcomed by a king.

On the first day, we set off in the morning to Cap Skirring on the Atlantic coast. It’s a good 200 kilometres, but border crossings can take a while, and a stopover in the lively trading town of Ziguinchor on the Casamance River should also be possible. In the afternoon, you check into a well-kept hotel in the tourist town of Cap Skirring and have time to relax.

On the second day, you will go on an excursion to the island of Carabane. On the way there, you will visit the Mud House in Mlomp and the Impluvium House (a rainwater catchment basin). From Elenkine, take a boat to Carabane Island with its ruins of colonial buildings. Dolphin watching is the order of the day on the return journey. You spend a second night in Cap Skirring.

On the third day, you make your way back. In Oussouye, you will have an audience with the king and gain an insight into traditional village life. The king rules over 17 villages in Senegal and three in Guinea-Bissau, he settles disputes, distributes alms, receives petitioners and grants tourists an audience for a fee. In the evening, Dawda will drop you off at your hotel in The Gambia.