Along the Gambia River (2 days)

Following the Gambia River: History of colonialism, chimppanzees, hippopotami and stone circles.

A trip into the heartland is really worth it! The landscape changes, the African veld is closer and there are small villages with thatched houses are on the right and left sides of the roads. You will be able to see Baobabs, Kapok trees, palm trees, rice- and manjok fields.

Dawda will pick you up early in the morning at your hotel. It takes approximately 6 hours to get to Wassu where you visit the mysterious Stone Circles. The Stone Circles originated about 750 a. D. They indicate a highly developed culture. Their meaning is still unclear until this day.

In the afternoon you travel to Kuntaur. In the Gambia River National park which consists of five islands, chimpanzees have been returned to the wild since 1979. The islands are under rigorous conservation. You take a boat and visit the park. On the way you will see hippos!

In a nice hotel in Janjanbureh you finish off the day and relax.

The next morning you can take a stroll through the town. You will be able to see the Freedom Tree, the House of Slavery and the oldest school in Gambia.

In the afternoon Dawda drives you back to the coast – some stops in little villages included, if you wish to.

Janjanbureh – children have fun with tourists

Wassu – the African “Stonehenge”